We rent your buildings and homes to share them with our guests

Worldwide Property Management


Capital Cities


Residential Buildings



What We Offer

A guaranteed fixed monthly rent regardless of occupancy

Or a commissions-based contract at 15%

We manage everything – hosting, maintenance, cleaning and more.

We bear all intervention costs under 150€ without invoicing owners

No hidden fees or headaches

You receive your rent and we handle the rest!

Our Services

Interior Design and Professional Photography
Guest Approval and Selection
Maintenance Support and Coordination
Hotel-Style Housekeeping and Luxury Linens
24/7 Meet and Greet and Guest Assistance

What people are saying

“Working with W Management has been a pleasure. My flat is occupied and well cared for, while I am living stress-free knowing my property is in good hands.” - Nicolas, Paris, since 2011
“The revenue I receive now is nearly the double of that which I received whilst managing my property on my own!” - Sophie, London, since 2014
“My revenues have been optimised thanks to W Management. I can highly recommend for their professionalism and services” - Thomas, Paris, since 2015

W Management International will maximize the profitability of your property