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“Olivier, Since 2014: I’ve received my rent on time every month for over 5 years for my building. Thank you, W Team, for your seriousness.”

W Management International

“Sarah, Since 2015: The W Management Team has always been very reactive towards my requests and has always been focused on improving my properties.”

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“Christophe, Since 2014: I collaborated with W for 4 years before deciding to sell my properties to them. When our partnership came to term, my flats were still in great condition. I would work again with them in the future with pleasure.”

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“Ben, Since 2016: W Management took my building of 20 apartments under management in 2016. I have never been more at ease, receiving all of my monthly rents in bulk and not dealing with the issues of having several tenants.”

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“Rachel, Since 2017: From the signature of the lease to the onboarding of the flats, everything went smoothly. They handled all of the furnishing and logistics of preparing my new properties for rental without the headache.”


What people are saying

Florian Alexandre

“The revenue I receive now is nearly the double of that which I received whilst managing my property on my own!”

Lenny Hutchins

“Working with W Management has been a pleasure. My flat is occupied and well cared for, while I am living stress-free knowing my property is in good hands.”

Rachelle Mounia

“Have had a positive experience with WManagement. The listing and vetting of guests has given me some extra peace of mind. ”

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