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What we offer

We take a fixed commission between 10% and 18%.

We manage everything - maintenance, cleaning, hosting and more.

No hidden fees.

Our Services

Interior Design and Professional Photography
Guest Approval and Selection
Maintenance Support and Coordination
Hotel-Style Housekeeping and Luxury Linens
24/7 Meet and Greet and Guest Assistance

What people are saying

“Working with W Management has been a pleasure. My flat is occupied and well cared for, while I am living stress-free knowing my property is in good hands.” - Nicolas, Paris, since 2011
“The revenue I receive now is nearly the double of that which I received whilst managing my property on my own!” - Sophie, London, since 2014
“My revenues have been optimised thanks to W Management. I can highly recommend for their professionalism and services” - Thomas, Paris, since 2015

W Management International will maximize the profitability of your property